'Kamal Badia' has been featured by CEO Insights Magazine for 'Top Leaders in Decor Brands 2021'

Our CEO, Mr. Kamal Badia has been featured among the best CEO in the Home Decor Category.


To prevent the spread of Covid-19, people isolated themselves at one place for a long time as lockdown was implemented. This new social norm led to many new hobbies and interests and one among them has been Indoor or Outdoor gardening. Outdoor/Indoor aesthetics has been enhanced by the growing demand for indoor gardens, backyard gardening, garden makeovers, and indoor gardens with modern trends in architectural designs.

How did you come up with the idea of EarthGarden? Narrate to us the inception story.
Over 27 years of working with Lifestyle, Home & Garden Industry servicing the west world - I never looked at India as a market, as very sadly our country is still fighting for basics at the mass level and `Lifestyle Home & Garden' is still an affordability issue, it being Luxury. More so I was always busy Sourcing for the West world (primarily USA & Europe) as they were/are the only continents that were much above life's basic amenities. Year 2014 December, being a member of DLF Golf Club @ Gurgaon, during a Christmas Festival being organized by the management, Ihappened to showcase our ­ Lifestyle, Home & Garden Products ­ especially Indoor & Outdoor Garden Living (as that's my forte) wherein the elite members after seeing my products went nuts over products which were nowhere to be seen in the Indian market. Hence,I came up with the idea to bring forward our Indoor/Outdoor Garden Living line of products which could bring people OUTDOORS, cherishing Nature, hence EarthGarden as a brand was born.

Brief us about the various gifting, decor products offered at EarthGarden. As the Director of a leading decor brand, what strategies do you adopt to fulfill all the requirements coming from a diverse client base?
EARTHGARDEN being an Indoor Outdoor Home & Garden Brand offers a niche market with core products being Planters/Hanging Planters with Cocoliners, Outdoor Metal Structures (Arches & Arbors, Trellis, Gazebos, Fences, Obelisks, Creepers, Hose Hangers), Birdfeeders, Firepits in wood & Coal, Oil Lamp/Stakes, Coir Doormats, Brass Lanterns & Lighting apart from Metal & PURE Teakwood Furniture. Some of my products are also partially DIY but are also most functional.Give us an insight into how the Covid-19 Pandemic has disrupted/ changed the Décor brands industry? What methodologies are you adopting as the Director of Earth Garden to navigate through the challenges? Covid19 has not just taught people to be health conscious but also brought in the REAL sense of realization & importance of NATURE in life. People have learnt that nature is a LIVING ORGANISM not meant to be taken for granted. As I see it, Covid19 was the biggest challenge that the brand navigated through successfully despite production hiccups, lack of manpower and logistical challenges.

Each company has its unique definition of quality, affordability and USP. What is the unique distinguishing feature of Earth Garden? And, how do you ensure to keep up the quality and inspire your clients to continue doing business with you?
EarthGarden as a brand is very focused and committed with Quality, and the quality is driven by inputs given to MATERIALS & Design and workmanship which don't get affected, with the use of different mediums. And since most of my products are majorly HANDMADE we support the Industry, by retaining art and support `Vocal for Local' thoughts of our Country leaders. As a Brand, making my line of Products affordable is always on my mind while being quality conscious and bringing in unique products duly delivered PAN India to my valuable customers' doorsteps in good packaging. My USP being readyinventory to be shipped right away and a STRINGENT QUALITY CHECK PROCESS wherein each piece is manually checked before it is shipped.

As the Founder of Earth Garden, how do you keep yourself updated with the latest happenings in the industry?
It's a DIGITAL AGE and I feel in present times Social Media is the one strong platform that IDEATES, FORMATES and REGULATES the EarthGarden assembly line. Apart from this my passion for keen design and sourcing makes me travel extensively (both domestic & international) that keeps the company ahead in business.

"I am working on bringing forward a unique `Experience Centre' for Indoor/Outdoor Living showcasing our sustainable & eco-friendly products ~ with Horticulture & Cafeteria being a part of it"

What is the future roadmap that you have envisioned for EarthGarden? How are you gearing up for the future?
I am working on bringing forward a unique `Experience Centre' for Indoor/Outdoor Living showcasing sustainable & eco-friendly products ~ with Horticulture & Cafeteria being a part of it. More so, as they say`seeing isbelieving', it would help people to access products through `touch and feel' which is so so typical to `shopping' in India. Last but not the least, to build the trust of customers in Ecommerce companies that proclaim "what you see is what you get". ?!?!?!?!

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