How to make most of your alone time

When your home is becoming your whole world and social life is taking a backseat due to corona scare, be your best company as we tell you ways to unwind.


Staying close to nature is always a good option. So, when you can’t step out of your home, you can actually try your hand at gardening. You can indulge in some terrace gardening or place potted plants in the balcony. Try decorating the favorite corner of your room. To add a touch of color and keep the air clean, you can plant some air-purifying plants.

Online Shopping

As everyone is avoiding the malls and markets now, the only way out is online shopping. With loads of enticing offers popping up on our mobile phones every now and then, one can spend hours checking out the best deals and shop to your heart’s desire.

Reading and binge-watching

If you want to catch up on your reading and viewing, utilize this period. Read lighter stuff and catch up on the series you have been meaning to watch for a long time now.

Comfort Cooking

Cooking is known to be one of the best stress-busters. Try your hands on healthy dishes or beverages like a salad, a snack, a fruity mocktail. If you are not much into cooking, then while you are confined within the four walls of your home, you can brush up your culinary skills by preparing some easy to do dishes and surprise your family members.

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