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EarthGarden accessorises the memories you create in your home, making each moment beautiful, embellishing every story. We believe that a garden is not just a showcase of natural beauty, it is an escape from the hubbub of everyday stress. Whether you have a beautiful landscaped garden or a balcony, an expansive terrace or a quaint patio, indulge your green thumb. Our beautiful, handcrafted products let you create a green haven in any space. We redefine the luxury of nurturing a garden. Our designs, inspired by Rajasthani Palaces, Indian Miniature paintings, Colonial architecture, European simplicity, traditional patterns, poetry, even Nature itself, feel right at home both indoors and outdoors. We are constantly re-visiting and re-imagining India’s rich heritage of crafts and that is reflected in the playful elegance and delightful beauty of our every creation. New materials, new forms, new structures, new colours, are a source of continuous joy to us. We believe that each piece we create will be a solid but beautiful testimony to the perfection we are always striving to achieve. We never compromise on the quality of materials we use or the attention to detail and finish of every product we make. And because we want you to enjoy every moment you spend in your garden, without worrying about lost hooks or missing tealight glasses, most of our products come with extra hardware (or glass) so that you are always covered.
Our Story
About Kamal Badia

Hailing from Jodhpur a.k.a. “The Blue City” in the state of Rajasthan, India, I grew up in a neighbourhood surrounded with impressions echoing the Hindu, Islamic and Colonial architecture. It was impossible to ignore the frescoes, carved scallops, ornate sculptures, lattice and paintings starring me in the face. Jharokhas (stone windows), Chhatris (elevated pavilions), baolis (stepwells), Havelis (mansions), jaalis (latticed screens) and spacious patios were my silent companions while flying kites, skating, playing lacrosse and climbing trees.

Over a period of time, I became aware of the various textures, hues and shapes that were all mine to explore. With my passion for Decor, I set out to learn this art of expression armed with initiative, talent and a desire for excellence. These childhood impressions found expression in designing, arranging, shaping and styling products using glass, wood, metal, beads and fabric.

As I developed concepts and worked closely with artisans revising varied Home & Garden products, I realized that it satisfied my creative core and slaked my thirst for perfection. Soon, I started exploring platforms to display my artifacts. I found the market inadequate in terms of outdoor home and garden products and this led me to conceptualize and float “EarthGarden”.

Even after 25 years of work behind me, nothing gives me more JOY than watching my “pieces” silently decorate people’s homes and speakingly beautify their lives!!!

Kamal Badia

Featured among Top Leaders in Decor Brands