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Rs. 2,435 Rs. 3,490
Our arched trellises are like french lace for your garden. The arched shape makes this trellis truly unique and beautiful...
Spanish Wall Planters Spanish Wall Planters -20%
Rs. 1,581 Rs. 1,990
When you say wall art, why do we all picture painting or a wall hanging? What could be more beautiful...
Peacock Wall Planters Peacock Wall Planters -30%
Rs. 1,946 Rs. 2,790
When you say wall art, why do we all picture a painting or a wall hanging? What could be more...
Rs. 3,379 Rs. 5,190
Our quirky twining leaf trellises are nothing if not quaintly romantic. Intertwined with flowering vines on a wall or as...
Rs. 4,321 Rs. 6,195
Our flower pillars are the objets d’art for your garden. These free standing pillars look good during the day intertwined...
Plant Marker ~ Set of 6 Plant Marker ~ Set of 6 -34%
Rs. 515 Rs. 790
These Plant Markers are made from pure Copper & Galvanized wire ~ durable, reusable for vegetable gardens & other Indoor/Outdoor...
Eden Park Steel Edger/ Fence (Set of 2)  Outside Steel Eden Park Fence Online (Set of 2)  -34%
Rs. 2,207 Rs. 3,390
An elegant design of intersecting arches, this fence is subtle and unobtrusive. Its modern minimalism mixed with the classic arch...
 Decorative Gazebo Lattice Design Online  Gazebo ~ Lattice Design -44%
Rs. 27,504 Rs. 49,290
There’s something very blissful about sipping tea in the morning under the dappled light of a tree, listening to the...
Monet Arch - Wire Lattice Design Monet Arch - Wire Lattice Design -53%
Rs. 12,597 Rs. 27,090
The straight lines of the Monet Arch belie an understated and elegant beauty. The criss-cross structure of the arch make...
 Steel Fleur-de-Lys Victorian Fence Online (Set of 2)  Fleur - de - Lys Steel Edger/ Victorian Fence (Set of 2) -34%
Rs. 3,640 Rs. 5,590
A design inspired by Versailles, this fence protects your flower beds and your lawns in splendid style. The distinct fleur-de-lys...