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Scroll Tealight Candle Holder

Scroll Tealight Candle Holder - Two Tier

SKU: EG-0048/A

Rs. 11,475 Regular price Rs. 8,606 EarthGarden's merchandise being Volume based, we are experiencing delays in Pick-up & Deliveries by Logistics due to Covid19 Lockdowns. Appreciate your patience.

Our tiered table candle holders are inspired by the layered chandeliers in medieval castles. They exude the same air of royal opulence. Made of 100% Brass, they are as sturdy as they are beautiful. Raised on short curled legs, these holders are designed in one or two tiers giving you the choice to create a low table centrepiece or a taller focal for a sideboard. Whether it is the festive season or a dinner party, these lovely candle stands are sure to make an impression.

Regular price Rs. 11,475 Rs. 8,606

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