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 Outside Medallion Coir Doormat Online

Medallion Coir Doormat

SKU: EG-0071/A

Rs. 1,175 Regular price Rs. 940

Our doormats are made of 100% Natural Coir and printed with lovely patterns. We are very particular about consistency of feel and color across our products, so that you get a product that looks and feels good. These coir mats are designed to be used in an indoor/outdoor space and can withstand the vagaries of the weather whether it is humidity of the monsoons or heat of the summers. Available in 4 designs to suit different kinds of architecture / interiors: the petals design, summery and light; the paisley birds, chirpy and welcoming; the medallion, cool and elegant; the birch leaves, modern and graphic. Take your pick of the collection to suit your space and you will love how the burst of color they bring to it!

Regular price Rs. 1,175 Rs. 940

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