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Lotus Oil Lamp Stake (Set of 2 pieces)

Lotus Oil Lamp Stake (Set of 2 pieces)

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There is something truly exotic and magical about an oil lamp. Perhaps it is the stories of genies we grew up on or just the thought of faraway royalty but an oil lamp always brings its own atmosphere with it. Our lamps infuse that magic into your garden or courtyard. Use them on a table or ledge or raise them on our specially designed stakes to create a pathway in your garden or a circle of light around a barbecue. Our broad bottom basic lamps bring a whiff of the arabian oasis to your garden while the lotus lamps, slender and feminine could be straight out of an ancient rajasthani royal camp.
If you like the idea of lamps on stakes but prefer to use candles, then our leaf stakes are the answer. Inspired by an illustration of a leaf, these candle stakes are lattice-like and classic. Line up these stakes in your garden or even in a row of pots along your terrace to create an eclectic, magical ambience.

ONLY use with "Paraffin Oil". Always wash hands thoroughly after handling wick.



Regular price Rs. 9,895 Rs. 6,927

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