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 Teak Wood Salad Bowl Online

Teak Wood Salad Bowl

SKU: EG-0030/A

Rs. 9,990 Regular price Rs. 6,493 EarthGarden's merchandise being Volume based, we are experiencing delays in Pick-up & Deliveries by Logistics due to Covid19 Lockdowns. Appreciate your patience.

Every party starts with nibbles and an icebreaker. Our nibble bowls and salad dishes take care of both! They are so striking, they are definitely going to get the conversation started while also dispensing the snacks in style. These bowls are made of teak with brass inlay detailing giving them extra oomph. We have a range of nibble, salad and fruit bowls with slightly different detailing so that you can mix and match them easily.

Regular price Rs. 9,990 Rs. 6,493

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