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Twining Leaf & Bird Trellis

Twining Leaf & Bird Trellis

SKU: EG-0016/A

Rs. 4,690 Regular price Rs. 3,515 EarthGarden's merchandise being Volume based, we are experiencing delays in Pick-up & Deliveries by Logistics due to Covid19 Lockdowns. Appreciate your patience.

Our quirky twining leaf trellises are nothing if not quaintly romantic. Intertwined with flowering vines on a wall or as a view cutter outside a window, the twining leaf design with its birds and leafs is sure to make you smile every time you spot one of our chirpy birds peeking through the foliage! This design is unsurprisingly one of our favourites, with just the right hint of fun and purpose.

Important Note: Installation to be done by the customer.

Regular price Rs. 4,690 Rs. 3,515

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