Plant Creeper Tealight Candle Holder Online

Plant Creeper Tealight Holder

SKU: EG-0046/A

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This most ingenious garden accessory brings the best of both worlds together. It is a tea light holder and a beautiful pillar for a leafy creeper. Set them up in your garden or create a corner in your terrace, let the leaves grow through and you are ready indulge yourself or dazzle your guests with magical faerie-like ambience of twinkling candlelight glittering through the green foliage. These beauties are available in two size 2ft and 3 ft high able to hold 6 and 12 candles respectively. With or without the creepers, these pillars are sinuously elegant in their own right and make great accessories to your garden or indoor parties.

Regular price Rs. 2,975

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