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Cauldron Planters - Large (with Coco-liners)

Cauldron Planters - Large (with Coco-liners)

SKU: EG-0003/B

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Yes, our cauldrons can brew up some magic too! Colourful, fragrant, vibrant magic! With the cocoliners already in, all you need to do is throw in some saplings, a hint of water, sprinkle on some love and that's the recipe for your own little spot of wonder. Available in two sizes, the cauldrons are low on short curled legs, that makes them perfect for a stairwell or driveway. Mix and match the cauldrons with our urns or cradles to create a flowery collage in your lawn or on your terrace.

*Product Set includes Metal Framework, Coco-liners, and Cocopeat for plantation.

Regular price Rs. 5,490 Rs. 4,665

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